Do members of your
association or professional organization,
operate trucks?

You can support them
to get part of the trucks’ purchase price back
in a quick and easy way.

Companies that bought, leased or rented
new trucks between 1997-2016
can now get part of the purchase price back.

If you value your members, you will no doubt be very willing
to share this information with the companies concerned.

Two ways truck operators
can get paid


your future refund with our help

However, this option
includes waiting, and a successful outcome through the court.

Get the most out of your claim.

Cash now

a discounted amount

Get an agreed amount within
30 days, regardless of the future outcome through the court.

There is no easier, faster way.

Even if you have since sold your trucks
you are still eligible.

There are no upfront fees or
hidden costs with either option.

The refund is based on the EU Commission’s decision, in which truck manufacturers were finally convicted of an illegal price-fixing arrangement that had been operating for more than 14 years.

The decision clearly states that truck buyers should be compensated.

However, many businesses are unaware of this, believe it is too late to act or have lost interest because they have been confronted with an overly complicated and slow process in the past.

The process is extremely simple and quick with us!

All we need is the invoices, lease or rental contracts and we can pay the refundable part of the original purchase price within 30 days (even for trucks that have been sold in the meantime).

What we offer to you:

  • Professional and personalised leaflets to share
  • A highly responsive customer service and your own dedicated customer representative
  • Live webinars or in-person meetings to address questions
  • A frequently updated info-portal
  • A referral commission payable for each signed-up truck

…and of course, you get the satisfaction of having created real value for your members!


companies that bought, 
leased or rented new trucks
between 1998-2016 
can now get part of the 
purchase price back,
even if they have since 
sold their trucks.